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    About East Franklin

    East Franklin is a team of successful entrepreneurs, executives, and investors looking to acquire and operate a single private business. After acquiring your business, our Managing Partner would take over its daily operations.

    Ideally, your business will have:

    • At least $1.5 million in EBITDA
    • A strong position in a niche industry
    • A three-year track record of profitability
    • A diverse customer base
    • A talented management team
    • A history of steady growth
    • Stable operations

    If you've spent years building a successful business and are looking to pass it on to someone who will respect your employees, customers, and legacy, we can help. We're not looking to "flip" your business but to continue its success.  If you'd like to speak with us about selling your business, all discussions are strictly confidential.  

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    Are you a business owner looking for an alternative to traditional liquidity options like private equity or selling to a competitor? Learn how East Franklin's approach can preserve your legacy and build on your success.

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