What can East Franklin do for you?


If you're a business owner, East Franklin offers you an excellent alternative to traditional liquidity options by allowing you to exit your business without sacrificing your legacy. Compare our approach below to traditional options like private equity and strategic buyers: 

Our Objective

East Franklin aims to sustain and build your business. We'll focus on making the right decisions for your business and people in the long term, not maximizing shareholder value by making shortsighted decisions.

Our Expertise

East Franklin is made up of successful executives and investors with direct experience growing lower middle market companies, so your company and employees are in good hands.


East Franklin is looking to acquire a single business so we can dedicate full time management and a committed board of directors. Your business won't become one of many in a portfolio or a single division in a large company.

The Transaction Process

Private equity firms are always pushing multiple deals through their pipelines simultaneously, and strategic buyers have layers and layers of decision-makers. At East Franklin, you'll work directly with our Managing Partner throughout the entire process, and all of our resources will be available to close your deal as quickly as possible.

Your Employees

We view your current employees as highly critical to the success of our growth strategy. We won't look to slash headcount to optimize short-term cash flow, but will treat your people as the building blocks for growing the business.

Your Role

If you sell to a traditional private equity firm, you'll keep doing what you're already doing, only you'll have a lot more reporting to do. A strategic buyer will rarely have a role for you at all. East Franklin understands how much value you bring to your business and will ideally bring you on as a consultant during the transition period and perhaps beyond to ensure continuity and increase our chances of success.